Corpore Sano

3 Pack-Corpore Sano Toothpaste - Myrrh, Propolis, Fennel - 75 ml.

Thoroughly cleans teeth without damaging tooth enamel. Its natural extracts provide purifying, aromatic and strengthening properties for the gums. It contains Myrrh, Propolis & Fennel.
MYRRH extract strengthens the gums and protects against the formation of tooth decay and dental plaque. It has anti-inflamaroty properties.
PROPOLIS has an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, purifying and strengthening effect. It helps to improve oral hygiene and is effective against the main causes and bad breath.
FENNEL yields active ingredients such as mineral salts and Vitamins A, B and C. It tones the gums and leaves the breath smelling clean and fresh.
Good dental hygiene helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Imported from Spain. Content: 75 ml.

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