Placenta Life

Placenta Life Amazonic Exotic Liss with Ungurahui Oil Conditioner

$11.29 $14.40

Placenta Life Exotic Liss Conditioner with Ungurahui Oil -
Perfect Straight Hair-
Frizz Control-Moisturizing-Nourishing-
Salt, Sulfates & Parabens Free- 
300 ml/10.14 fl.oz.
Perfect Liss based on Ungurahui Oil which provides Capillary Alignment and Frizz Control.
Ungurahui Oil is an extraordinary source of nutritive action rich in Fatty Acids and Omega 9.
Ungurahui Oil has a moisturizing and anti-retention humidity action which controls frizz.
Salt, Sulfates and Parabens FREE.
Recommended use in combination with Exotic Liss Shampoo and Exotic Liss Mask.

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